I had the chance to speak at a small conference at my home university about the project (goSDN) I did work on the last 6 months. This is also the project I did write my thesis about, therefore I was pretty confident I had enough inside to answer most of the questions.

I thought about speaking at a conference before, but most of the time I felt like I couldn’t provide much insight in topics or my understanding of the technology I use simply wasn’t deep enough. But this conference was the perfect opportunity to change this! The conference was rather small with about ~200 attendees and it was at my home university, so I had good chances of getting approved to speak. Which actually happened, so I had a few weeks to prepare the presentation. I had help from the head of our research group, which was highly appreciated.

The presentation itself went quite well I think. Had interesting questions afterwards and some companies got interested in what we are building, so hopefully the research group can get more funding.

This was my first experience as a speaker at a conference and I really enjoyed it! Hopefully I will be able to speak at a conference again in the future.