Photo by Neil Schark

Photo by Neil Schark

I’m a computer science student and an enthusiast for open source software. I’m a Linux user and my favorite desktop distribution is Arch Linux. For servers I mostly rely on Debian.

I’m interested in distributed systems, (cloud) infrastructure, observability, software engineering and cloud native software. Besides that I started to dive deeper into interpreters/compilers and learned a lot on that journey. I host most of the services I use on cloud servers or at home, because I want to have control over my data.

On the non-IT side of things I enjoy travel, good beer and coffee, guitars, bicycling, books and interesting discussions.

TL;DR: The thing I enjoy most is learning something new every single day! (and hopefully talk about these with others)

If you have any questions or want to comment one of the posts don’t hesitate to email me!